(1 Of 2) Electricity And Magnetism – Review Of All Topics – AP Physics C

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0:25 Coulomb’s Law (Electric Force)
1:25 Electric Field (Definition and Caused by a Point Charge)
1:58 Electric Field Lines
2:23 Linear, Surface and Volumetric Charge Densities
2:44 Electric Flux
3:12 Gauss’ Law (Everybody’s Favorite!!)
4:58 Electric Potential Energy
5:12 Electric Potential Difference (Definition and Caused by a Point Charge)
6:13 Electric Potential Difference caused by a Continuous Charge Distribution
6:47 Electric Potential Difference with respect to the Electric Field
7:09 The Electron Volt
7:30 Capacitance (Definition and of a Parallel Plate Capacitor)
8:16 Capacitors in Series and Parallel
8:55 The Energy Stored in a Capacitor
9:14 Current
10:09 Resistance and Resistivity
10:45 Electric Power
11:11 Terminal Voltage vs. Electromotive Force (emf)
12:04 Resistors in Series and Parallel
12:37 Kirchhoff’s Rules with Example Circuit Loop and Junction Equations
15:55 RC Circuit (Charging and Discharging)
18:17 The Time Constant

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