10 Electrical Interview Questions Answers In Reliance Industry Ltd

Reliance Electrical Interview Questions & Answers for Electrical Engineering in RELIANCE INDUSTRY LTD in 2016. Electrical Engineering Interview questions are asked in Reliance Industry Ltd.
Electrical Job Interview Tips – (Must Watch)
These questions are asked for the post of Electrical Project & Maintenance Project Engineer. So, These Electrical Interview Questions and Answers for Reliance Industry Ltd Might help you to gain your electrical knowledge.

Reliance Industry – Reliance Industry is one of the largest Electrical, Chemical and Industrial Company which helps entire world by providing different types of industrial raw materials and more.

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Electrical Engineering “Reliance Interview Questions” at Reliance Industry Ltd

Welcome to Electrical Engineering YouTube Channel. In this video we are going to share 10 Electrical Interview Questions and Answers asked in Reliance Industry Ltd. So, watch this video and learn about Electrical Interview questions.

10 Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers in 2016.

1. Why we are using Vacuum circuit breaker in high transmission line instead of Air Circuit Breaker ?
2. Do you know the thermal power station operation !
3. State the difference between electronic regulator and ordinary rheostat regulator.
4. Describe 2 phase motor.
5. Quality Factor depens on which type of electrical term?
6. Which types of electrical power you know?
7. Explain KVAR and what it indicates?
8. MCB and MCCB and where they used?
9. Where we can use ACSR cable and what is ACSR?
10. Difference Between Generator and Alternator in Electrical Engineering.

Reliance Interview Questions at Reliance Industry ltd.

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Urgent Requirment for the post for Electrical Engineer in Reliance Industry Ltd. Walk in interview for Electrical Engineers can watch this video for learning electrical interview questions and answer for attaining interview for reliance industry ltd in 2016.

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