10 Essential Tools For DIY Electrician

Tools Most Used by Electricians. Electrical work can not be done without proper tools. As basic tools have been improved over the years and new specialized tools are developed, the list of tool choices for electricians becomes bigger.
Nonetheless there are a few must have tools that every do it yourself electrician needs and cannot do without regardless of the type of electrical work he does. What are those tools here is my list.


Every electrician needs basic hand tools to perform everyday tasks. Fortunately, today’s basics are better than older models, providing more comfort and safety than their predecessors. Manufacturers have made tools more comportable to use and improved designs help cut down on hand and wrist injuries often caused by repetitive movement. Plus, they make it easier to perform the same motion over and over because the tools just feel more comfortable. While today’s designs may provide more safety and comfort, they’re still the basic hand tools electricians have been using for years.

Wranglerstars Top Tools List includes the following:

Leather electrician tool belt and pouch

Side cutters

Screw drivers phillips and standard

wire stripper

hammer framing

Electrical plyers

Pencil / Sharpe

Fault Indicator

Tape Measure

Utility Knife

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