16′ Panasonic Wall Mounted Ceiling Fan

1st UPDATE: I’m going to find a Panasonic wall fan like this soon, but the newer version w/ 3 new colors: it’s orange, blue, and green. I feel like to choose the green one, cause it looks very uncomfortable to me. I will record it if I already get it.

2nd UPDATE: This fan is now replaced with a Maspion wall fan in white-blue, sorry I didn’t know what the model is. It’s because this fan is burned out.

This fan it’s located in my school

Model: F-EU409 (older model).

The installation it’s very stupid, they install this fan w/ a ropes to attached the ceiling. And we so scared to run this fan, cause it looks like gonna be falling down and it vibrates a lot. I also feeling so scared to filming this fan cause of the vibrates. Sorry for the poor quality!

Filmed about 2 months ago @ 3:57 in evening.

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