2006 42′ White Harbor Breeze Armitage Ceiling Fan #2

This video was recorded on March 1Oth, 2O12. This ceiling fan is in my room, this
ceiling fan is branded Harbor Breeze Armitage, and is from March 2OO6. My
dad got this fan new in the box at Lowes on September 8th, 2OO7 and on September 12th, 2OO7, My father installed this fan and I was happy about it is because one of my cousins got this ceiling fan. This ceiling fan was made in China and it was made by
Heritage and the switch housing says HarborBreeze and is a Hugger type since is the same fan my sister chasitylatiese/Raven got. This ceiling Fan has a Litex
school house and is not original to the fan. In February 2OO9, my sister and I was
planned to put that globe on because the original globe got damaged. This Litex School house globe is from off the 42″ White Northman Hugger Ceiling Fan from 1989. This HarborBreeze Armitage Ceiling Fan is forty-two inches and is white and it got Westinghouse Moon Brackets and thats a builder ceiling fan I have in my room and it got a speed up sound and alittle humming noise to it. It got china bearings branded CMEC and the color of the pull chains is chrome. It’s also a wobbly hugger and it looks similar to the Hunter Lowprofile II Ceiling fan and thats another one of my childhood ceiling fan.

At the end of this video, while I was Demostrating the light the light went out it self.
At 4:02 my sister’s phone beeped because the batteries was getting low, so no mean comments.

I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching.

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