2010 K’nex Hugger Ceiling Fan

Recorded on November 30 2010) Here are the pictures (in Nov. 2010) of the K’nex hugger ceiling fan I made in November 2010 when I was 15, and this is what it really looks like. I also have a video of how to install it (click at 0:28 to skip to watch the video). Yes I have used Windows Live Movie Maker on the desktop computer, and I didn’t bother editing anything else of the (recorded) video, thus it’s being 7-minute long (and at the end of the recorded vid has freezed too (when it’s in Windows Live Movie Maker) since I have split one of the parts at the beginning).

Anyway, enjoy.

Annotations added 11/13/11. 2 new annotations added 3/26/12 at night.

As of November 30th 2012, this video has been taken for 2 years now.

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