42′ Mainstays Hugger Ceiling Fan

NOTE: Fan is only shown on Medium and Low due to people in my family being afraid of a falling assembly.

This is the Mainstays hugger ceiling fan in my bedroom I share with one of my older brothers. He did most of the work installing it, but I had to hold the motor assembly up most of the time while he was screwing things in.

The fan is shown on speeds mentioned above in both directions. The light kit is also shown on the re-demonstration near the end of the video.

Sorry about the video being sideways at the one point. I needed to get my Flip Video camcorder close enough so that you could listen to a cool sound effect you hear when it starts up.

I also show the Off/On switch right by my bedroom door that has the entire ceiling fan off (no matter what you do with it, it doesn’t spin. Light kit also does not come on) if the switch is down, and the ceiling fan in your control when the switch is up.

We used to have a ceiling light in the bedroom sometime recently, but we took it down and threw it out so that we could install the ceiling fan. The switch also went to the ceiling light too.

Do NOT ask me why there is a wooden thing on top of the ceiling fan. When my “ceiling fan installation” brother tested the assembly for a wobble, guess what, the entire assembly wobbled. He had no choice but to put it there. It made a HUGE improvement to the wobbling of the assembly.

The ceiling fan is supposed to hug directly to the ceiling, but since the wiring was not right, according to my brother, we had to install it about a 128th of an inch from the ceiling, which is why my brother put the wooden thing there, as mentioned above.

Also, don’t even ask me why I did not show the fan on High. See the NOTE section at the top for this information.

Sorry for all of the backstory rambling. I just needed to give as much backstory to this ceiling fan as I could, so people would know what is happening with the ceiling fan.

We rarely run the fan overnight. Commonly though we run it during the day.


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