42′ White Hampton Bay Middleton Ceiling Fan

Recorded on December 20th, 2013 using my Aspen A700 tablet

This fan has been in my kitchen every since Thursday, September 26th, 2013,the old one was a Harbor Breeze Marco Island (Emperor) ceiling fan.

Hampton Bay Middleton 42″ Ceiling Fan in white,this fan was made by SMC,and the production date for these fans is 04/13 but this one is dated June 2013,model number is a UE42 and it has a single compacitor and it has round point blades reversible from white to bleached oak and I’m using the bleached oak side on this fan to make this fan less plain,because it is in the kitchen, it busses on high only in reverse, I tried to tighten the motor housing, but it still buzzes,it was quiet when me and my dad first installed the fan,the motor stator buzzes,because that’s the way it hums.

It was purchased at the Home Depot in Southfield, and I received this fan on Monday,September 2nd,2013 on my 14th Birthday, this fan costed 39 dollars. It has the same speed up noise as a Hampton Bay Littleton ceiling fan does.

Update : November 6th,2015,this fan is now tight,so it doesn’t wobble anymore.

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