52′ Hampton Bay Windward IV Ceiling Fan

This is a 52″ Hampton Bay Windward IV ceiling fan. These were recently introduced in Canada to replace the Windward II and III. Unlike the previous generations of the Windward, this version does not include a florescent circline tube. Instead, it uses two 13-watt (60-watt equivalent) GU24 CFL bulbs from factory. The fan uses a 153X18 motor in it, which is a noticeable downgrade from the Windward II. Overall, it isn’t too bad for a newer Hampton Bay, however the Windward II is certainly higher quality.

6057—-175*—–204———–57 High Speed.
4289—-115*—–143———–30 Medium Speed.
2248——65*—–106———–12 Low Speed.

* Estimation.

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