52′ Harbor Breeze Builder Series (Armitage) Hugger Ceiling Fans

These are 3 out of 4 52″ Harbor Breeze Builder Series ceiling fans installed in the little pavilion at Hampton Pool. All 4 of these ceiling fans were installed last night, and the boxes said “Builder Series” but these actually are Armitage fans These fans replace very old recessed light fixtures, and there are 3 in this pavilion, but there is one more in the TV area by the bathrooms. There is also a Harbor Breeze Springfield II in the snack bar/kitchen area. I didn’t record the on in the TV Area because it wasn’t running. The first fan is shown on high speed, the other two are shown on medium speed.

UPDATE: These fans are no longer here, as the pavilion which they were located has been torn down to make way for the new pool project. The other Armitage by the bathroom is still there, though the area is now an enclosed office area, and the blades were replaced with plastic outdoor blades.

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