56′ KDK Industrial Ceiling Fan

This fan is located in my junior high school, in the class VII-6.

Here is a 56″ KDK industrial ceiling fan, model : WZ56PH. The fan is installed some time ago, and the Black finish is original. WZ56PH is the black version of the WZ56P. However, The regulator says “WZ56P”… It is dated July 2016, and the canopies of this fan is inverted. I show this fan in all speeds from Full speed to lowest speed. It blows a good amount of air, and a bit wobbly. Also, this is the first KDK WZ56PH I’ve ever seen in real life. Sorry for the bad quality of the video, because i was using my mom’s new(old) Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 that has a bad camera. I also show a Maspion Wall fan, Enjoy.

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