60′ Havells Brown ES 5 Star Industrial Ceiling Fan In My Grandparents Bedroom – AaronTheEagle1 Video

This is the second powerful fan at my grandparents’ flat and there is a preheat light in the video. The light is a Niti Fluorescent Fixture. It either takes a F40T12 tube or a F32T8 tube. I didn’t mention that I ran out of time to make the preheat light video so this is just the trailer. The full preheat light video will be out in 2 years. Even this fan has metal blades. There is no design on the blades like the white one. The problem with this fan is when the fan slows down, the fan makes a “tuk-tuk-tuk” sound repeatedly until the fan stops spinning. This fan’s wall control says F instead of 5. The fan is brown and it came with the flat. The outlets in India are different than the ones in America. Let me know if I missed anything in the description and I will put it there. I do not know why I keep mistaking the diameter of the ceiling fans when it is supposed to be a 60″, not a 52″. Enjoy! :D

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