Add Electrical Outlet To Cargo Trailer Cheap!!

Please note I’m not an electrician. I did ask one at Home Depot and we worked out the perfect set up for me. I’m not responsible for what you do to your trailer. But my way seemed to work for me perfectly.

This is how I add an electoral outlet to my trailer. I did’t add anything expensive and I did not cut any house holes in my trailer! It was all don’t from the bottom of the trailer and the only hole I drilled was an 3/8 hole to pull the cord through. You Will need:

Extension Cord (Cut off the female end to expose the 3 wires)
Electrical outlet
Outlet faceplate
Electrical outlet box
Size 14 circle connectors (connects the wires to the outlet much easier)
1′ of PVC Pipe (You will have to determine you size. I used 1/2 inch)
Coupler with threads on one in to thread into Electrical box and the other to put the pac pipe into.
Wood screws
3/8 Drill Bit

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