Allen + Roth Eastview Ceiling Fan

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Allen + Roth Eastview 23″ ceiling fan in aged bronze. This is the first of many ceiling fans I found in the trash during Cleanup Week 2016. I have no idea what the story is with this fan, it works perfectly and the design is perfectly on trend, so it’s pretty strange that it was thrown out. It did seem that the battery in the remote was dying, which caused it to only work intermittently, and perhaps the previous owners thought something more was wrong with it. IDK, if a fan doesn’t work right, remote control batteries are one of the first things I’d check. It was a bit scratched up, so I had to do a couple quick fixes on the finish, but otherwise it was just dusty and cleaned up nicely. It’s a well-built unit for sure, I’m not disappointed by it at all. It’s essentially a high-end HV portable fan mounted inside, so the air movement, while very direct underneath the fan, is quite impressive.

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