Aluminum Wire – Burned Outlet Marlborough NE Calgary (587) 317-1737

Aluminum Wiring Outlet Burrnout in Marlborough NE Calgary (587) 31-1737

I have this little video that I would use in my seminars when I was covering information about aluminum wiring connections and how to repair them. This particular video was taken of an outlet that we pulled out of a home in Marlborough here in Calgary – that’s northeast Calgary.

The woman had called us up because she had funny odours in the house – a burnt stench. Upon investigation, we found that this outlet, which was in her living room, was very badly burned. Fortunately, her husband had the wherewithal to turn off that particular circuit so there was no more current coursing through it.

However, that meant their entire living room and dining room were without lights and power. This home was built during the mid-sixties to the mid-seventies, and like very many other homes in Calgary and in cities across Canada, the United States and the world for that matter, has aluminum wiring in its electrical circuits.

This is a problem many people just don’t like to think about – simply because it’s behind the walls and ceilings and they can’t see it. Out of site – out of mind. Furthermore, they don’t hear of homes burning down and people dying from it.

However, avoiding this issue is not a good idea. Aluminum wiring properties allow it to expand and contract far further and faster than copper. The connectors used and connections made back in those days did not accommodate this factor and nobody knew any better.
This rapid expansion and contraction created gaps where aluminum wing was connected to anything. They built up in as little as a couple of years to over decades. When these gaps appear, the electrical current must literally leap through the air to complete the circuit. When that happens, a tremendous amount of heat can occur – enough heat, in fact, so as to cause fires in the surrounding building materials. Indeed, fires – as well as deaths – have been caused by this arcing.

So the question is not whether or not to fix these aluminum wiring connections, but how soon can you fix them.

Of course, this aluminum wiring affects all quadrants of the city – Northwest Calgary, Northeast Calgary, Southeast Calgary and Southwest Calgary.

The following communities all have homes with aluminum wire circuitry in them:

Huntington Hills NE Calgary
Marlborough NE Calgary
Pineridge NE Calgary
Rundle NE Calgary
Whitehorn NE Calgary
North Haven NW Calgary
Silver Springs NW Calgary
University Heights NW Calgary
Varsity NW Calgary
Cambrian Heights NW Calgary
Dalhousie NW Calgary
Canyon Meadows SE Calgary
Dover SE Calgary
Lake Bonavista SE Calgary
Maple Ridge SE Calgary
Parkland SE Calgary
Penbrooke Meadows SE Calgary
Queensland SE Calgary
Red Carpet SE Calgary
Willow Park SE Calgary
Braeside SW Calgary
Cedarbrae SW Calgary
Oakridge SW Calgary
Palliser SW Calgary
Pump Hill SW Calgary
Bayview SW Calgary

I’ve worked in dozens of homes in all of these areas and every one of them had a least one burnout. A burnout is when any type of browning or oxidation occurs at a connection.

Aluminum connections with light switches, receptacles (outlets), light, ceiling fans, and other wires – be they copper or aluminum – are all suspect. Even a small bungalow can have 150 connections – and all it takes is one to cause a disaster. These are not odds you want to play with.

So you must have these looked at if your home was built during this era. An audit will determine if, at first, you even have aluminum wiring and then secondly to see what needs to be done to correct the outdated and perhaps hazardous connections in your home.

The right guys and gals to do it are at: (587) 317-1737

Go ahead and give these guys a call and they will treat you right!

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