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Here’s what one of our customers had to say about us:

After spending weeks trying to get an electrician to simply install a couple outlets in our home, we were about to give up. Seems a lot of electricians around here scoff at small jobs like that, we had a hard time even getting someone to call us back.

On a whim, I called the craigslist add for Action Electric. Dan was most helpful, offered a next day appointment (though it didn’t work out with my schedule), gave me a rough estimate over the phone, and promised to be there on time.

Low and Behold, he showed up RIGHT on time, got the job done quickly, no hassle, fair prices (right about, or under what everyone else was charging) and an overall great attitude. I’ll be using Action again.

Thanks guys!

As you can see we definitely are the best electrician in Milwaukee, so call us: 414-940-6717

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