(Brand Is Unknown) Industrial/commercial Duty Orbit Ceiling Fan And A Wall Fan – BETTER VIDEO

This is in a restaurant. We actually ate at the restaurant, so I could make a better video. Original video here:

The orbit fan is new. It wasn’t there before. I have a previous video of the restaurant from before the wall fan was put in. There also used to be a small portable fan installed as a ceiling fan above the counter, but that’s not there anymore now for some reason.

The orbit fan has a blade diameter of around 18″ (46cm).

There’s also this cool vintage radio playing music. However, since I don’t remember ever hearing any advertisements come out of it, it might have either been converted to an auxiliary (AUX) speaker, or maybe it isn’t a real vintage radio, and it’s just a modern radio/AUX speaker made to look like an old radio.

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