Ceiling Fan Light Repair — By Home Repair Tutor

(Save in 10 minutes!!)

Do you need to make a ceiling fan light repair? Maybe your ceiling fan light pull chain isn’t working anymore?

Hi Friend, I’m Jeff Patterson from Home Repair Tutor and this week’s video is all about getting your ceiling fan light working again.

I made the bone-headed move of thinking I had to replace the entire ceiling fan light kit. Big mistake!!!

Although I do show you how easy it is to swap out the light kit since I bought it for .

Chances are good that if you ceiling fan’s light isn’t working you’ll be able to fix it for . You can buy a ceiling fan pull chain in the lighting section of any hardware store. Just make sure the wires in the new pull chain match the number of wires in the old pull chain.

Check out my video for all the details on how to fix your ceiling fan light.

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