Chairman’s Initiative Webinar: Managing Electricity Reliability Risks On Forests And Rangeland

The webinar “Managing Electricity Reliability Risks on Forests and Rangeland” examined risks to power systems on public and private forests and rangelands, as well as evaluating how proper management can improve electricity reliability and mitigate wildfire danger. The panel was moderated by: Anne Beard, Manager, Vegetation Management and T&D Asset Management, Public Service Company of New Mexico. The panelists: Randy Miller, Director, Vegetation Management, PacifiCorp; Reggie Woodruff, Energy Program Manager, U.S. Forest Service; Tom Sullivan, Audit Committee Chair, Right-of-Way Stewardship Council. The webinar “Empowering Private Landowner Conservation” highlighted the importance of private land in species conservation efforts, innovative ways to address conservation finance, and the incentives that work for private landowners. Moderator: Chris West, Director, Rocky Mountain Regional Office of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Panelists: Amos Eno, Executive Director/President, Resources First Foundation; Jeff Morgheim, Founder and Principal, Edge Strategic Consulting, LLC; Lesli Allison, Executive Director, Western Landowners Alliance. This webinar is one in a series for the “National Forest and Rangeland Management Initiative,” the Chairman’s Initiative of Montana Governor Steve Bullock, which creates a mechanism for states and land managers to share best practices and policy options for forest and rangeland management.

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