Charity Shop Gold Or Garbage #6 – Hot Wires Electrical Construction Kit

Spotted this construction kit in my local charity shop. The box was a bit battered but the price tag was £1.50 so I thought it would be worth the risk. When I got it home I found it had the instruction book included which probably makes all the difference. Without the book it is just a box of bits, but with the book it was easy to make working electrical circuits. When I finally stopped playing and did a proper check on the contents against the parts list in the book I only found 2 items missing. The “helicopter” spinner which really didn’t matter and one of the two transistors. This was the NPN transistor. Looking at the PNP transistor I can see that is an S9012 so the matching NPN would be an S9013 which are about £1.99 for 10 on eBay so I could make up a replacement component if I want to. Making the little package it sits in would be more challenging. I may even try contacting the company to see if a replacement part is available.
(Update: I did contact the company and obtained replacements for the missing parts at a very reasonable rate and very quick delivery time so top marks to them)
I see the kit retails for just under £50 and gets excellent reviews on Amazon.
I have seen videos on YouTube where people use this kit to demonstrate circuits as it is visually very clear to see what is going on.
I would say this was charity shop GOLD especially at the price I paid for it.

I will add this video to my Charity Shop playlist

and my Simple Electronics Projects playlist

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Generally my projects are for my grandchildren to enjoy. OK, I enjoy them too. If anybody else likes them, that is a bonus. I like to keep my work as simple and basic as possible so that it can be copied easily and improved by anybody who wants to try themselves. I recycle or repurpose items rather than buy new and when I do buy I like to keep it cheap.

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