Chicago Electric Mig 170/180 Welder Outlet

Just a quick description of how I wired the 220 volt outlet for my Harbor Freight Mig 170 welder. The welder has a 50 amp plug on the end of the welder, but only needs a 20 amp input. Do you make a 50 amp circuit? Do you make a 20 amp circuit with a 50 amp receptacle?

Note: I am not an electrician, and am only intending to explain the power needed for the welder per my research and understanding of electricity. The “proper” way to wire this welder is with a completely matched 50 amp circuit (which is way over kill for this application) or to replace the welder plug with a 20 or 30 amp plug to match a 20 or 30 amp circuit. Ideally, the wire gauge, receptacle, and breaker should all match. Harbor Freight made it more difficult to do this.

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