Cool Breeze Generic Hugger Ceiling Fan Installation

*Just to warn you guys, there’s actually no music in this slideshow, and that is because I don’t know what certain song to put on here and I just wanted everyone (including the people who have mobile phones and other devices) to be able to view this slideshow, but I still wanna see some comments and Likes on this slideshow video after’all.*

Okay guys, so here’s what the installation looks like. And I gotta say that I really like this fan more than my Hunter Architect Series fan (that’s hanging downstairs in the family room right now), nothing really wrong with that fan though.

Also while I was beginning to install this fan, I went to put in a Rush CD in my blue Boombox called Roll The Bones, I actually began to play that CD while I started taking down the baseball bat fan (with the 3 light-kit that was on there before) and then when track 3 on that Rush CD was halfway done that’s where I went to take all the parts out of the box and then I wired the fan up while track 5 called “Where’s My Thing?” was playing, I loved that song. :)

Pics and video (at the beginning) taken on Sept. 26, 2016, using my blue Canon Powershot camera, and I have more footage of this fan now, so check it out:

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