Craftsman C3 Max Axess Ratchet Socket Set

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In this segment, Chris talks about the Craftsman C3 Max Axess Ratchet Socket Set

Get the Job Done Fast with the Max Axess Auto Ratchet

The CM C3 Max Axess auto ratchet is powered by Craftsman’s top-selling platform, the long-life C3 19.2V battery. That means you’re not tied to air hoses or cords. You loosen and tighten quickly and easily, anywhere. You also carry fewer tools, because the pass-through design eliminates the need for deep sockets, and easily tightens long rods, too. The auto ratchet comes with the three socket sizes you use most and an adapter that drives every 3/8-inch drive standard socket.

With the Max Axess auto ratchet you loosen or tighten at up to 225 rpms, with a variable speed control, and switch to manual for a finger-tight finish. In low light situations, use the included LED illumination, and in cramped spaces take advantage or the small head designed to get in anywhere. Get the job done with this efficient portable tool that puts the power in your hands.

– Tough, durable CM C3 Max Axess auto ratchet for home and garage
– With reliable fade-free 19.2 Volt lithium-ion battery
– Compatible with any Craftsman C3 19.2V battery
– Fasten and unfasten long rods and bolts
– Forward/reverse toggle switch
– Paddle switch for fastening speed up to 225 rpm
– Lock switch avoids unintentional starts
– LED light switch for bright illumination with low power drain
– Work anywhere, and reach tight spots
– Includes 3/8in., 7/16in., and 1/2 in. sockets and square 3/8in. adapter
– One-year limited warranty

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