Dirty Electricity Under Passenger Seat Of Airplane

AC power for your computer from the outlet at your seat is very dirty and is an Extreme Health Hazard.

This spectrum analysis indicates peak voltage transients at 49, 98 & 147 KHz. These are in the window of biological harm.
For more information on how frequencies radiate off household wiring, go to the 5 minute and 20 second mark of this video: .

Nerve Disrupting Frequencies Radiating from wiring needs to be shared. Send the video to your utilities, your state utility regulators, your state health departments, and to hungry lawyers everywhere.”

Links to studies:

Mechanism of nerve conduction block induced by high-frequency biphasic electrical currents.

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Mechanism of Nerve Conduction Block Induced by High-Frequency Biphasic Electrical Currents

Electrical Conduction Block in Large Nerves: High Frequency Current Delivery in the Nonhuman Primate

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Transcutaneously coupled, high-frequency electrical stimulation of the pudendal nerve blocks external urethral sphincter contractions.

Links from PubMed:
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