DIY How To Install Ceiling Fan Using Swag Kit On Concrete Ceiling Anywhere

I made this D.I.Y video for reference only. I am not a licensed nor have any background in electrical or engineering. I’m showing a swag light kit used to installing a ceiling fan on concrete masonry ceiling. I do not accept any responsibility for any damage or injuries/death due to your interpretation of this video and/or any violations or building code issues with land lord/owners/apartment condo,private dwelling, etc.

Be smart. My outlet had a power cut off switch, which killed electrical power to the outlet I was using to plug my fan. Your situation and environment might be different, when in doubt turn off power to the outlet via electrical box.

Items required

-Swag light kit
-Staple gun with 14mm cable staples
-5/32 masonry drill bit
-3/16 X 1 3/4 tapcon concrete anchor screws
-Hammer drill
-Phillips screw driver
-Power drill
-Vacuum cleaner
-1/4 masonry drill bit to install swag hook.
-Plastic anchor big enough to fit into -1/4 in diameter
-Ceiling fan of your choice

First run your plug to where you want to plug. DONT PLUG INTO WALL!!! Just measure the length needed Using the staple gun attach to the wall, flushed and taught. Work your way up the wall. Run the power wire through the swag chain as per instructions. I used my ceiling fan mounting bracket to mark 3 or 4 holes to pre drill where I wanted to mount the unit. Using the marks I drilled 2 inches deep with the 5/32 bit. Cleaned the holes with a vacuum hose. Run the swag wire through the top and into the middle of the bracket pulling all excess wire through. Reposition the mounting bracket and used the 3/16 masonry screws to secure against the ceiling with slight pressure driving the screw into the concrete. Half way in between wall and the calling fan I went ahead and used 1/4 in masonry drill with a hammer drill set to hammer and bored out a hole about 2 inches deep. Use a hammer to tap the plastic anchor flushed to the ceiling. Attach the swag hook making certain to be flushed to ceiling. From here on use the manufacturer installation instructions to complete the fan install. After all the wiring is done and everything is secured and tighten plug in the swag light to the outlet and enjoy your new ceiling fan mounted on concrete ceiling without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in having someone do it for you. By the way if you want to get fancy you can add a wireless receiver and attach that in the canopy, there are other videos out there to show you how to do that. I will be ok with using the chains to control the light/fan.

Thanks for watching!

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