Electric Baseboard Heater Install | Philadelphia Electrician

This is a short video of the wiring and installation of a 220 volt electric baseboard heater.

Cadets premier hydronic baseboard line is recommended for nurseries and bedrooms, and for people with severe allergies. While Softheat offers everyone a comfortably warm room, it was specifically designed to reduce the effects of indoor allergens, compared to other heating systems. Additional benefits include lower operating and surface temperatures and whisper quiet operation. The Softheat hydronic baseboard uses circulating fluid (80% water and 20% Ethylene Glycol) to provide steady, uniform warmth with longer heat retention and minimal temperature variation. No plumbing necessary! Cadet recommends a wall-mounted thermostat for optimum performance, or you may prefer the convenience of an optional field mount thermostat kit (Left end wiring only). – Technical Information: Heater is constructed of 22 gauge steel for durability and powder coated for a quality finish. Baseboard heaters work best when placed under a window and at least 12 from furniture or other objects. Keep at least 12 minimum from objects hanging above (i.e., drapes). Heater may be placed directly on the floor and mounted to the wall. (Left end wiring only). – Ordering Information: SOFTHEAT EBHA heaters require a thermostat. For optimum comfort use a Cadet electronic thermostat or a dual diaphragm thermostat

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