Electric Field Tuning Of Electronic Materials

Electric field tuning of electronic materials – Anoop Dhoot, University of Cambridge

The Frontiers of Science meeting is a prestigious series of international meetings for outstanding early career scientists and researchers, which was initiated by the National Academy of Sciences (USA) in 1989 and which has since been adopted by a number of national academies and scientific organisations around the world. Frontiers of Science meetings are designed to bring together future leaders in all scientific disciplines, in an environment which encourages informal networking and discussion, and to explore opportunities for international and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Participants are encouraged to think about the ‘big questions’ at the frontiers of their field and those of others, and to identify new and emerging scientific challenges on the horizon of current knowledge. The Royal Society has successfully delivered Frontiers in Science programmes since 2004. This year’s programme will feature the following sessions: 2D materials: when natures goes flat (Advanced Manufacturing), Climate change: half-way to danger (Environment and Agriculture), No mind is an island: how the environment affects psychosis risk (Health and Life Sciences), Maintaining privacy in the face of new technology (Information and Communication Technology), Changing political economy of research and innovation (CPERI) (Science Policy), How to Mimic Nature (Natural Resources & Energy).

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