Electrical Control & Relay Logic Application – Training At CRISP

The new era of Industrial Automation has led to the acquisition of sophisticated electrical controls. To derive maximum potential from these electrical controls, it is necessary to keep them fully operational. The Industrial Personnel are expected to be proficient not only in the use of these controls but should also be able to maintain them properly and attend to minor faults. Keeping these aspects under consideration, CRISP has set up state of the art facilities to impart training in this area.

Course Contents :

Correct use of test and measuring instruments

Drawing, Reading and Interpretation of electrical drawings

Symbolic representation of industrial electrical devices

Application of switches and development and testing of logic circuits

Meggar and its applications, testing of motor and cables

Protection circuits – Fuses, MCB, MCCB, MPCB, ELCB, Overload relay and its testing

Electromagnetic contactor and relay, its testing, development and testing of simple start/ stop control circuit and latched circuit

DOL starters for three phase induction Motor

Timer – ON delay, OFF delay and cyclic testing of its working, Star-Delta starter for induction Motor

Development of Different types of logical circuits used in industrial application

Pressure switch and its application in Automatic pressure control Circuit in air compressor

Simulation of Elevator control circuit

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