Electrical Estimating Software Intro

In this short video I’ll introduce you to the electrical software program that I use.

In my earlier days I used paper,pencil and a calculator to do all of my estimating.

I would first visit the job and walk it taking notes describing circumstances and the scope of the project.

Then I would go back to my office breakout the paper,pencil and calculator and start breaking down all of the materials and estimated manpower hours. I would put this into some sort of form that organized all the information that I needed that made sense to me while putting together a project estimate.

Then came computer systems and spreadsheets.Although they’ve made organization much easier it was still very time-consuming to put together a electrical estimate.

I was introduced to electrical estimating software back in 2000. Since then I’ve been using a program called EBM Electrical Bid Manager created by Vision Infosoft software. This program contains everything that I needed to put together a accurate quote for the projects that I was working on, most importantly the things that you just don’t normally think of like nuts, bolts, screws, wire nuts, mounting hardware etc. These are the types of things that can end up costing you money in the long run if they’re not accounted for.

And that’s where the electrical software programs come in, utilizing their databases I can account for each and every piece in part that goes into a project without having to rack my brain making sure I have everything covered.

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