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Electrical Exam – On Demand & Online-This course is based on a 95% success rate. It is tried and true, priced right and always updated. Over 915 apprentices have been licensed and joined the club. You can train by individual modules or the complete course. The choice is yours. This online course adapts to your schedule. This is a 48 hour course and it is available for you on demand 24/7. Your support is 24/7. You can call, text or email anytime. If you get stuck, we will help you. This is a federal licence and is applicable to all provinces. It is 299.95 taxes included. It is set to expire in 6 months by default. If you need more time, please let us know. It is a 3 step system. The first two steps will be online. The third step will be offline. In the first two steps, you will go through 12 modules which will explain to you how to use the code book, motors, transformers, fire alarm and everything else that you need from a Cfq point of view. In the second step, you will go through over 900 questions for the Construction and Maintenance exam complete with answers and diagrams and over 700 questions for the industrial exam. In the last step, you will use the electrician self assessment tool to assess your readiness for the exam. You need to run test from the ESAT (electrician self assessment tool ) and score 90% or better. You will submit three of your best grades to us from the ESAT test which are on the ESAT usb stick. You can register yourself or we can help you register.
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