Electrical Field Employee Safety Orientation By Craig Witter

To produce a video like this for your organization visit call (919) 883.1138, or email craig@GeneralTraining.net.

EXCERPTS from a Field Electrician Safety Orientation video produced for Rex Moore Electrical Contractors & Engineers by General Training Company in 2009. This entire video ran about 20 minutes and included information on company policy and safety workplace information. This video was delivered on DVD and as a .wmv file to be distributed over the companys intranet.

The best safe work practices and jobsite rules for electrical workers in the field were discussed. Safety topics included: ladder safety, confined space entry procedures, hazardous materials (HAZMAT) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Also discussed were: ladder safety, tools and equipment information, lock out tag out, accident prevention and reporting, and substance abuse. Dress code and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements were described.

Policies relating to performance evaluations, compensation and benefits were presented. The proper use of company vehicles was discussed, including pretrip insspections. As were smoking policy, harassment and the companies combined discipline/attendance policy, paydays, classroom education and distance learning programs.

Company handbooks, history and the importance of trust, honesty and maintaining the positive company reputation were discussed. Employee empowerment and goals and company management were also covered.

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