Electrical Generator / Diesel Generator Maintenance Plan – Tip #7

Hello and welcome to Tip #7 of the Generator Genius series. Today we will be talking about the importance of having a maintenance program for your generator.

Some of the most common reasons for generator failures during a power outage are:
Bad batteries
Oil or coolant leaks
Low coolant or oil level
Generator is not set to “Auto”
The generator is out of fuel

Pretty simple stuff, right? This is why it is so critical that you have an established generator maintenance program.

You will find a basic Generator Maintenance Plan on our website at gotpower.com. Just look under the Generator Genius section.

What differentiates us from our competition with companies like:
Energy Systems
Valley Power
California Generator
AAAA Generator
Day’s Generator Service……. Integrity! We stand by our highly trained technicians, many who have been with us for over 20 years.
We are a warranty station for all the major brands of generators and our expertise is highly regarded in the industry. Check out our customer testimonials on Yelp. Then give us a call. You will be gland you chose us for all your Generator and Diesel Engine repair needs! Thanks and look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Your CD & Power Team.
(formerly know as California Diesel & Power)

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