Electrical Installation, Maintenance & Testing Interview

This interview (Electrical Installation, Maintenance & Testing Interview) has been extracted from the ‘Electrical Engineering Interview Simulator and Trainer’ that has 44 topics and over 4700 questions in video format embedded into simulator. The Interview Simulator & Trainer helps every Electrical Engineering Professional to respond meaningfully on the spot – in job interviews, viva examinations, technical presentations, client interactions etc. Want to know how it can transform your life? Visit

Attend your next interview or viva examination with an undue advantage! This simulator gives you the realistic professional interview experience – any number of times, until you reach the level of interaction that is required by your dream job.

It is customisable! You can choose the specific topics for each of your interview/viva examinations from: Design of Electrical Machines, Electrical Circuits Analysis, Electrical Drives & Controls, Installation, Maintenance & Testing, Electrical Machines, Electrical Materials Science, Energy Audit & Management, High Voltage Engineering, Power Plant Engineering, Power Electronics, Power Systems Operations & Control, Protection & Switchgear, Special Electrical Machines, Transmission & Distribution, Industrial Automation & Robotics, Mechatronics, Microprocessor & Microcontroller, VLSI Design, Digital Signal Processing, Feedback Control Systems, PLC & SCADA Applications, Power Plant Instrumentation, Renewable Energy Sources, Electrical Measurements, Mechanical Operations for electrical engineers,

Reliability Engineering, Project Management, Engineering Habits of Mind, Critical Thinking, 21st Century Skills, Product Design Methodology, Energy Conservation, Engineering Economics, Engineering Ethics, Ergonomics & Human Factors, Safety, Responsibility & Rights, Industrial Relations, Office/Factory Management, Operations Research, Production Management, Engineering Marketing, Behavioural Science, Finance for Engineers, Quality Assurance, World Class Manufacturing of electrical engineering products.

(Each of the above topics contains 80 to 110 questions.)

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