Electrical Noise — Bathroom GFCI Outlet Arcing Inside The Wall

april 29, 2009 — This crazy electrical arcing noise was happening inside the wall between my master bathroom and the family room in a house I was renting. It would occur at random times during the day and night, loud enough that you could hear it outside of either room. Since the house was built in 1960, and had mostly original wiring, and since my landlord always chose the cheapest solution to every situation, I was concerned. I demanded that he reimburse me for an extra smoke detector for the bedroom, and demanded that they send out a licensed electrician. He tried to cheap out, AGAIN, and send out his ‘handyman’. No way, not good enough. “If you don’t send out a licensed contractor, I will have no choice but to call out the local FIRE MARSHAL to ensure the safety of my family.” What do you know, he sent out an electrician who informed me the wiring was arcing inside the wall, and proceeded to fix the problem. Don’t wait for the fire to fix electrical issues…be pro-active; life is precious! Mahalo.

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