Electrical Panel Anaheim California

Electrical Panel Upgrade in Anaheim California Call 714-987-2368
There are a couple of steps before installing a new electrical panel or upgrading your main service. Step 1 you need to contact your local utility company to have them remove the lock ring, evaluate the place where you want to install this panel and also to evaluate if the utility feeders are the correct size for the load center that your looking to install. Step 2 would be to acquire the correct city permits for the install, once these permits have been purchased and the panel has been spotted and the lock ring has been removed the work can begin. There are also steps in the inspection process, every city is different some cities would like to evaluate the panel installed and labeled before allowing the contractor to apply the exterior finish. Majority of homes in this area have a stucco finish which can be a 3 step process (Paper & Lath, scratch, brown and finish coat). If a you have a different exterior finish different inspections may apply. When all these steps are completed the city will contact your local utility company to complete there process. If you live in Anaheim and are looking to install or repair your electrical panel give us a call we are your electrical experts. Call 714-987-2368

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