Electrical Panels: Why You Should Not Trust An Under Qualified Electrician With Your Service Panel

Electrical Service Panel- “It’s always been there and hasn’t caused any problems.”

“My circuit breakers never trip so my panel must be just fine.”

Common misconception homeowners think of older electric panels and the four brands that will inform you about below.

Electric panels in and of themselves typically do not “cause any problems.” It is the electric components or appliances that typically cause problems, e.g., a short in an appliance, an electric outlet, or a light switch. Electric panels and circuit breakers are designed to prevent personal injury and property damage in the event of a short (or other problem) by shutting down the electric current to the faulty appliances or electrical components. The fact that there “have not been any problems” simply means that the electric wiring, switches, and outlets—and the appliances using the wiring, switches, and outlets—have not had any problems. Please have our Professional Electricians determine if your Electrical Service Panel is Up to Code! It could definitely Save a LIFE.

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