Electrical Power-Line Installers And Repairers

Identifies and describes a career as an Electrical Power Line Installer or Repairer. Power line installers and repairers use muscle and power tools to dig holes, put up towers and power equipment, and install new power lines. In urban areas, power line installers and repairers usually have to crawl down manholes to install and repair underground power lines. A Power Line Installer or Repairer will string and splice cables 20-40 feet overhead in a truck mounted bucket or by climbing the pole itself. An electrical power line installer or repairer will generally gain their job skill and education through apprenticeships and training programs sponsored by unions. This profession requires a lot of technical knowledge, strength, agility and stamina to work in all types of weather conditions. A career in this profession can be very demanding — being called out on short notice when power lines are down or power is out, logging long hours, and traveling large distances are all required. However, in this Job, experienced installers and repairers command high salaries that are often augmented with a great deal of overtime pay. If you are interested in a job as an Electrical Power Line Installer or Repairer, check out this career video.

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