Electrician Bellevue Wa

B&G specializes in all aspects of residential electrical work from service calls to wiring new home construction. We believe through our free, no hassle bid process and thorough explanation of the work at hand, that your project will be handled completely and correctly. Our electricians are well educated, trained professionals that take ownership in their work, and it shows in the final product. We work with home inspectors, real estate agents, insurance adjusters along with home and business owners to ensure their experiences are as stress free as possible. Free estimates on all of your projects!

Utilities Rebate Program
Lighting often accounts for 40-70% of building energy usage. Business owners want to reduce energy costs by using more efficient lighting solutions, but efficient replacement options can cost considerably more than inefficient ones. Looking for utility rebates can be time consuming due to having to determine which products are eligible, application process, etc. Your local utilities commercial rebate program can help you save time and money. B&G Electrical Contracting division can easily assist you in taking full advantage of these rebates, which not only cover the majority of the installation materials and increase light quality, but substantially lower your utility bills.

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