Welcome to London Handyman Services! Any jobs you need done around the home, or business? You’ve come to the right place!

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We have many happy customers and would like you to be included in our Clientele of satisfied customers! Explore our site to discover more about what we do and how we can be at your service expeditiously.
If you don’t find the service you want on our site, just give us a call and we can get you a quick quote!
London Handyman Services prides itself in providing great quality handyman services at reasonable rates in the following categories:
• Gardening, including landscaping; anything you want done outside? We can do it!
• Interior Decorating including remodelling; got drapes that need to be hung, painting? We are what you’ve been looking for!
• Carpentry including flooring; want to build a bookcase or lay some wood flooring? Call us!
• Plumbing; want a new fixture installed? Have plumbing problems? We are the ones you’ve been waiting for!
• Electrical; got a wiring issue? Want to install that new light for a dark corner? We pride ourselves in professional work!
• Odd jobs; anything you want done that you don’t see here? Yes, we can do it! Call us for a quick quote!

We can perform the following jobs for you, hanging LCD / flat screen TV’s on plasterboard, or using brackets on walls, connect up TV’s, Video’s, DVD players, Freesat, various games consoles & Hi-Fi’s, change light fittings, light switches and bulbs, replace switches with to dimmer, replace or repair electric doorbell, fit new mains sockets, connect electric cooker, install extractor fan, extend wiring inside and outside wall, install and wire up a new flood light, install CCTV System including professional DVR’s and install alarms.

Please note if you require qualified electricians, we provide them as well however, their rates are different from our general handyman rates, please call us for futher details.

Has your door bell stopped ringing in the middle of the night? Or do you need a door bell that rings in your backyard office? Maybe your kitchen plug points are faulty and need replacement. These are jobs that require the service of a specialized electrician. We have in our arsenal highly qualified and experienced electricians and handyman who can do the job for you at the least possible cost and in the least amount of time.

Our handyman team shall provide routine testing and checkups for your electrical wirings, change faulty plugs, sockets, correct earthing problems, remove burnt wiring, replace fuse, install new wiring and do a lot more.

We offer a complete package to our customers when it comes to electrical and since all our handyman are trained in the most common electrical problems, you should have relief from your particular complain in under an hour. For the less qualified jobs such as changing light bulbs and tube lights we shall send over our common handyman while for the more challenging jobs such as fixing a faulty appliance and sockets we shall dispatch only qualified electricians. Please note, if you need qualified handymen, we provide them as well –however, different rates apply.

At London Handyman Services, we pride ourselves with the fact that we can do almost anything when it comes to your house problems. In electrical, there is literally nothing that we cannot service or fix and we do all this in shortest possible time.

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