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Neighborhood Electric
6605 200th Street SW # 201
Lynnwood, WA 98036

When you need an electrician in Bellevue, Neighborhood Electric is ready to respond with electrical services for both commercial and residential requirements.

Neighborhood Electric specializes in handling all of your electrical and repair needs, and has been in business for over 60 years providing electrical installation and repair professionals in the greater Bellevue area.

We are locally owned, certified, licensed and insured electrical service professionals, dedicated to providing residential and commercial businesses with quality electrical work at an affordable price.

We provide you with free estimates, 24 hour emergency electrical repair services, electrical service changes, electrical wiring checks by qualified and experienced electricians that are the best in the business.

Neighborhood Electric services include:
– Professional electricians that are certified, bonded, and insured electrical contractors.
– 24 hour emergency services due to storms are other unexpected electrical service outages.
– Our own in-house electrical engineering staff.

Since selecting the right Bellevue electrical service company to work on your business or home is a major decision, you want to be sure that the company can do the work within budget and on time, that they will take care of your property in the process, and maintain a level of attention to your electrical requirements that is safe and long lasting.

Here is a 5 point check list that you should consider when selecting an electrician in Bellevue:
– Make your selection based on value versus cost. Saving a few hundred dollars to inadequately deal with an electrical installation or service outage problem will be more expensive in the long run.
– Make sure the contractor is certified, licensed and bonded? Not having the proper license can cost you time and money should the electrical work be inspected and it be found out the electrician was not able to secure the proper electrical permits.
– Confirm that the contractor has appropriate insurance to do business and to protect your interests. If they set of a building fire alarm in a high rise, the costs and liability will fall on YOU – and you definitely do not want to incur the bill for an uninsured contractor.
– Make sure that the electrical contractor will obtain all necessary permits and project inspections. When dealing with the hazards of electrical mistakes, you must insure that the work was being done and inspected per code.
– Make sure you have an understanding of the time table and projected completion date.

Call Neighborhood Electric today at 425-776-6777… we’re available and welcome the opportunity to answer any of your electrical questions.


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