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The Electric Lionis the home of value and convenience for professional electrician servicesin Ventura and Los Angelas County area. Our electriciansare available to call when things go wrong and your left in the dark. Because no job is too big or too small for our experienced professional electrical technicians.
We handle any type of electrical job, whether it’s residential, commercial or even industrial. In addition to convenience, we offer competitive rates We even provide estimates in advance with no hassle.

Electrical Wiring / Rewiring
Breakers & Fuses, Outlets & Circuits,
• Electrical Water Heaters Electrical Dryers
• Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits Aluminum Wiring Upgrade
• Ceiling Fan Installation Transformer Upgrades
• Transformer Installations Trouble Shooting
• 110V, 220V, & 480V Circuits 3 Phase Wiring

• Switchboard & Generator Fuse Elimination
• Electric Meter Relocation Electric Meter Upgrades
• Dimmers & Switches Timers & Motion Sensors
• Energy Conservation Pool & Spa Wiring
Electric Safety / Protection

Decorative Lighting , Chandeliers , Touchplate Lighting, Track & Accent Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Security & Landscape Lighting
Electrician Lighting Design & Installation

Decorative Lighting, Chandeliers Touchplate Lighting, Fluorescent Signs,
Fluorescent Ballast Changes, Track & Accent Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Halogen, Sodium & Metal Halide, Security Lighting, Landscape Lighting
Owner: Doody Kfir

With over 29 years of related field experience, Mr. Doody Kfir has a longstanding, prolific career in the electrical business. After completing his High Tech school degree in the field of electronics in Israel, Mr. Kfir was enrolled in the Israeli army and spent 4 years as an officer in the communications field. Taking this invaluable training, Mr. Kfir decided to move to the United States to pursue a career in electrical work and quickly established himself through the experience of a 3 year apprenticeship. He then went on to pass 2 tests administered by the contractors state license board before obtaining his C-10 license in 1989 Being professionally self-employed as a licensed electrician since 1989, Doody has established himself as a highly respected businessman. Mr. Kfir has done hundreds of projects specializing in luxury/high end homes and multi location commercial projects. While developing the business from the ground up, he has kept a small business feel and maintained a close connection with his client base which consists of hundreds of industry professionals and consumers. Mr. Kfir, prides his business on completing professional, long lasting electrical work and exceeding his customer’s expectations.
Owner: David (Doody) Kfir
Lic. # 574671
Fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured
Phone: (818) 884-0001
Fax: (818) 991-6522
Email: info@theelectriclion.net

The Electric Lion
Oak Park, Ca 91377

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