Electrician Salary Differences – Learn Why Electricians Earn Different Salaries

– Electrician Salary Differences – Learn Why Electricians Earn Different Salaries

Factors That Affect An Electrician’s Salary

Hey everyone, Dusten Huebner here.

In this video, I’d like to go over how working in different industries will affect the salary of an electrician.

There are so many different industries out there that electricians can find themselves working in. These industries can be broken down into three main categories; industrial, commercial, and residential. between each of these industries, an electricians salary will be vastly different.

Let me give you some examples of where each electrician would work

Industrial Electricians can find themselves working in:
– The oil fields way out in the middle of nowhere. You may find these guys living in camps that are situated near the job site, hours away from civilization.
– Working on an oil rig out in the middle of the ocean
– Working deep beneath the earth in a mine

– Working in large buildings typically in the core a city
– Working on factories within a city
– Working on airports and water treatment facilities


– Private homes ranging from huge mansions to upgrading very older houses to meet current code requirements
– Small businesses around the community
– Multi-family dwellings

In conclusion, industrial electricians tend to make much higher wages but the work comes in spirts as opposed to being very consistent. Commercial electricians will make a fairly average wage and will be working very constantly. Then residential electricians typically earn the least but they also have the best opportunities to do side jobs to make money on the side. So they could end up making a very good salary depending on how much work they put in.

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