Electrician Salary – Learn What You Can Earn In This Great Career

– Electrician Salary – Learn What You Can Earn As An Electrician.

Hey everyone, Dusten Huebner here, chances are you’ve landed on this video because you’d like to know how much an electrician’s salary is and the factors that affect it.

When I was first looking at getting into the trade as an electrician I was seeking to know what exactly I’d be earning when I first started out. This was a big deal to me because I was working with large crane equipment and making a fairly good wage doing that. So before I made the switch I had to weigh out my options once I knew what an electrician earns.

I’ve now been an electrician for 7 years and have earned vastly different wages over this period of time. Going from being a first-year apprentice to a journeyman, working in the oil field, agriculture, commercial and residential sectors, I can now comfortably explain how an electrician’s salary is affected by the industry they work in.

So with that I’ve actually created an article on my website explaining how an electrician can basically choose what he or she earns by simply deciding what field they’d like to work in.

So What you’ll find over there is the article that I’ve put together that will teach you the many different factors that can affect an electrician’s salary.

Here are just a few factors:
– Experience: your wage will be determined on the experience you’ve obtained in the field as well as in your technical training.
– Industry: Industrial, commercial, residential
– Union/Non-union
– Geographical Location

Like I said these are just a few factors that will affect an electrician’s salary.

So I really hope this video and the article was helpful for you, and I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your day for watching this!

I will speak with you again soon
Have a Good one.

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