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Electricians Christchurch | Christchurch Electricians

Do you have some electrical work that needs to be taken care of? Maybe it’s a new installation, a minor repair, an electrical emergency or an upgrade.

To help you to choose the right Christchurch electrician for the job, here’s a few points to consider:

Exactly what type of work needs doing? This will help you to identify the right electrical firm to choose. There are many electricians who specialise in domestic work. So if you have a residential lighting problem, such a company would be perfect. However, if you’ve got an emergency electrical repair at an industrial site, you will probably want to select another electrical contractor.

No matter how big or small your job is, ALWAYS check that you’re employing the services of an experienced, registered electrician.

Ask the electrician if their firm has worked on similar projects in the past. If time permits, ask for references and take the time to call and check the references. Ask if the work was done properly, on time and to budget.

Call several different companies and ask them about their experience. Ask for quotes for the work you want done. Make sure that the quotation is written. Remember that the cheapest quote is not always going to mean a really good job being done, so try to balance experience, references, registration and price to get the best result.

Ask the electrical firm if they have public liability insurance so that any damage that occurs at your premises is covered by their policy.

Ask about availability. Is the electrician going to be able to complete the job you need done, in the timeframe you have established.

Make sure that the electrician obtains all of the necessary permits required, before he starts work on your project.

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Electricians Christchurch | Christchurch Electricians

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