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electricians in dover, Kent, U.K.,
Suite 19, 18, Park Avenue, Dover. Kent. CT16 1HE., UK. (+44) 7024 015949
Electrics are funny things, especially house electrics. We take them for granted and assume that whatever we turn on, that it will work first time, every time. It comes as a shock to us when the electrics stop functioning. Also, it is not the sort of thing for the ‘do-it-yourselfer. You need to know what you are doing because you may just get killed if you do the wrong thing. So, if you reset the trip-switch and it immediately trips off again, you have a bigger problem and that’s where our technicians come in. Just contact us at electricians in dover and we will have someone to you within the hour usually who will diagnose the problem; check the circuits and get everything up and running in a very short time. We can also test all of your appliances in the house (PAT Testing). It is surprising how often an appliance is just fitted with the wrong fuse. Just because an appliance comes with a 13amp plug it doesn’t automatically mean that a 13 amp fuse is the correct fuse for it. So, contact us if you have a problem and it is not a bad idea to have one of our technicians check out all your electrical appliances once a year, just to be on the safe side, Give us a call on (+44) 7024 015949 or contact us at electricians.indover.net
Suite 19, 18, Park Avenue, Dover. Kent. CT16 1HE., UK. (+44) 7024 015949

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