Electricity Amplification By Neo Magnet (update)

This video is an update of my most recent findings of using a Neo magnet to create an oscillation Pulse which can convert DC to pulse DC which can be transformed to what ever AC voltage you need by choosing the correct transformer. The transformer that I am using in the video is a 2 x 115 volt to 2 x 25 volt. What I am trying to show is that a Neo magnet can actually auto pulse a copper wire and is actually very efficient if you keep the sparking down. I have had it around 95% efficient and I think that is actually the limitations of the transformer. Play around with it an learn how to do it. Also please not that the pulsing wire needs to be one stand of thin copper wire and well secured in the clip. Another thing is electricity travels in a circular motion or polarity around the wire, so if the wire sticks to the magnet then you need to try it on the other side.

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Have fun and thanks for looking


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