Electricity And Magnetism Simple Electric Motor

Fun school project easy and simple demonstrating electricity and magnetism.
A simple electric motor using a D Battery that you can make in minutes. If you happen to have a small propeller, that’s even better. This is a great school project especially if you are learning electricity and magnetism. Have fun watching :). Although this is not an alternative energy project, you can make it into one by using a small solar panel to provide the energy. It is important to note that the copper wire used here is coated (it is called “magnet wire” and you can buy it at Fry’s Electronics or other places. After making the coil and leaving 1″ to 1 1/2″ on each end, place the coil on a hard surface and scrape off the coating on the top of the “tails”. When the bare part of the copper wire (where you scraped off the enamel) touches the safety pin, the electricity can flow from the negative side of the battery to the positive side. A field then appears around the wire. This field is stronger near the copper wire and its strength decreases the farther you move away from the wire. Therefore, if you move the magnet closer to the spinning copper coil, it will accelerate, and if you move the magnet wire away from the spinning copper wire, it will slow down.
By the way, this was created in Avid Studio and the music and sound effects are public domain

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