Electricity, Electricity Bumper

Requested by BrendanTheMovieAlternate, VHSDVDMovieAlternate810, Anthony CraigTheMovieAlternate, ShelbySparkle TheMovieAlternate, Chuck Fan Productions, Black Diamond Productions, Cody Vogt, Joshua Zhang, NewTimeTravelHyman88, Sonic The Hedgehog, Patrick Araujo, Tommy Williams, FerrisBuellerFanatic 2001 VGCP, Amy Jones (My Mom On Facebook), Vern Jones (My Stepdad On Facebook), Maddie Rolman (My Sister On Facebook), MordecaiTheVHSDVD Blu-Ray&CDFan2000 & Xenia Franklin (Scoobybay)
Taken from the 1995 VHS of “Schoolhouse Rock Science Rock” (Version #1)

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