Electricity In Ancient Egypt? Alien Teachings…

Hieroglyphs depict the ancient Egyptians using electricity with a light bulb….but how could electricity have existed over 4000 years ago?

In the temple of Dendara, one of the most secretive complexes of ancient Egypt, there lies some fascinating hieroglyphic pictures on the wall…pictures that uncannily point to the egyptians using electricity.
Sound impossible? Wait til we take a closer look. The evidence is almost irrefutable.

In fact, the ancient Egyptians needed a source of light to create all the hieroglyphs and drawings inside the pyramids and other places. Why weren’t they just using torches you ask? Many places are way too small and don’t even have a place for smoke to escape. Basically, if they used torches they’d very quickly suffocate to death…whatever room they were in would be filled with smoke.

Thus, there was a need of an alternative light source in places that would have been impossible to light with a torch or the sun. Otherwise, many drawings or hieroglyphs wouldn’t be where they are now.
Let’s look at a particular drawing deep in the temple of Dendara – we’ll investigate what each piece of the hieroglyphs are depicting.

Number 1) This is a high priest monitoring everything.

Number 2) This is the container that held the part that glowed. It’s already shaped like a lightbulb at the end. It’s also easy to verify that this is round, the snake part is actually inside of it, and most importantly you can see through it…just like a lightbulb. How do I know this? Look at the part that’s holding the bulb-type part up with the two arms.

See how it requires that an arm is on each side of the object? That means it MUST be round and 3 dimensional.

Now even more importantly, see how you can see this arm despite the fact that it’s on the other side of the bulb? That means the bulb is transparent! These are important facts.

Number 3) This is pictured as a snake – the place where the electricity flows through in the bulb chamber. In egyptian teachings, the snake is symbolic for energy.

Number 4) This is the lamp’s socket with a cord coming out of it.

Number 5) This is the cable that goes to the power source…as you can see it’s plugged in.

Number 6) This is the air god – most likely having to do with some sort of gas or fumes that is in the bulb chamber.

Number 7) This is just a stand that holds the lamp up…with ornate arms to hold the fixture in place.

Number 8) This is allegedly a reptile holding knives with hieroglyps next to him that actually translate to a warning. The warning states that what is depicted here is ancient knowledge of power that can be abused.

Number 9) This is the egyptian symbol for current.

Number 10) This is the egyptian symbol for “inverse polarity,” a necessary component for types of electrical devices.

Number 11) This is what the device is plugged into…apparently some sort of source of energy. It’s either a generator of some type or a battery that is storing the energy.

Regardless of which one it is…it becomes quite apparent the egyptians were creating electricity somehow.

What I don’t understand is how they learned to do such a thing. Did they figure it out on their own? Did beings from another planet teach them? Just what really happened in ancient Egypt?

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