Electricity Meter Challenge! :-D

OK, peoples, I *REALLY* need your attention on this one!!

A couple of vids back, I filmed my house electric meter, and it is ALMOST ready to click-over to 5,000.0 kWh IF YOU WANT TO SEE that electric meter clicking-over to FIVE THOUSAND kWh, then give this video a thumbs-up!

***NOTE: I WILL ONLY VIDEO IT IF….*** this vid gets TEN thumbs-up BY THE TIME the house meter reaches 5,000.0 kWh.

THE CHALLENGE IS ON !! Ten thumbs-up, and I WILL FILM IT!

There’s only 30-35 kWh in it…..SO HURRY! :-D

If you know someone else who’s subscribed to my channel, tell them to GET OVER HERE DOUBLE-QUICK, view this vid and give it a THUMBS-UP.

TEN THUMBS-UP will do it….If this vid gets ten tumbs-up by the time the house electric meter reaches 5,000.0 kWh……..I WILL FILM IT!

BE QUICK !! Not long to go now….The house meter is ticking away! :-D

Thanks for watching………Remember! Ten thumbs-up, and I will film it!


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